About the Pastor

Pastor Nima Wilson

Lead Pastor,
Tamil Church

Nima Wilson is the Pastor of the Tamil Church at Harvest Revival Centre, Prai which serves a congregation of nearly 200 members. Under the pastoral leadership of Nima Wilson who is committed to bringing the Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ to the Tamil speaking people group in the Prai and Butterworth region, the Tamil Church has witnessed an exponential growth from its humble beginnings.  

A Bachelors in Accounting graduate, she migrated to Malaysia twenty five ago from her hometown city of Chennai, India after marrying Wilson Christopher and has a daughter. She is passionately committed to teaching her congregation how to apply the principles of faith found in God’s Word to their lives and encouraging the pursuit of a relationship with Jesus Christ above all else. Her relentless preaching of the finished work of Jesus Christ has birthed many miraculous testimonies which has contributed to the growth of the Tamil Church. As a result of these testimonies, she has been invited to preach and teach in various parts of the world including India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Singapore, United States and Canada.

She serves as the Executive Assistant in Revive Nations, a worldwide ministry that exists to glorify God, advance His Kingdom, and to fan into flame the fire of revival in nations across the globe. As a wife and mother, she firmly believes in the importance of families as the core of the church and has a heart for restoring family relationships as well as providing counselling and support to the congregation.

Nima Wilson is a bold and powerful minister of the Word of God. Her teachings have blessed many and have made a profound impact on the lives of people within her sphere of influence.

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